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National Health Insurance Scheme

NHIS ID Card Verification(NAVIS)

What is Navis??

  • Navis is a secure web-based application designed to allow organizations and institutions to verify the identity of individuals registered with the Scheme.
  • Many organizations have identification requirements that clients accessing certain facilities need to meet. Such verification involves cumbersome and time consuming procedures. Navis provides a solution to such challenges.

Why Navis?

  • Verifies both magnetic and biometric NHIS cards
  • Addresses the issue of fraudulent NHIS ID cards
  • Shows card status. (Active, Inactive, Expired, Invalid)
  • Online registration
  • Easily accessible online
  • Secure, fast and reliable
  • Biometric verification module
  • Tracks transaction history
  • Generates comprehensive reports

How To Apply

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Send all enquiries to cvs@nhia.gov.gh
Call: 0302 216970

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