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National Health Insurance Scheme

Membership Renewal

  • Membership is valid for one year. Members will therefore be required to renew their membership every year.
  • Members are advised to renew their membership one month before expiry.
  • Members shall present their ID cards for renewal.
  • Members who fail to renew their membership after one year will have their membership deactivated.
  • Members who fail to renew their membership three months after expiry shall be treated as defaulters.
  • Defaulters shall serve a three month waiting period before accessing healthcare under NHIS, except for pregnant women and under five year olds.
  • The membership card of all categories of members expires after five years. Membership cards shall therefore be replaced once every five years.

  •      At renewal, you will be required to fill a renewal form with the following information:
    • Full name – if there is change of name there should be legal evidence of change of name, e.g. marriage certificate, affidavit
    • Date of birth
    • NHIS member unique number
    • Contact number
    • Residential address
    • Biometric information
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