1. To register as a subscriber of NHIS, you will be interviewed to know which category you belong to, whether you are registering as:
    • An annual premium paying member, or
    • A member of the exempt group.
  2. If you are registering as an annual premium paying member, please note that you will pay premium and processing fee once every year for renewal.
  3. If you are registering as a member of the exempt category, please note that you will be required to have proof of exemption, e.g.:
    • A pregnant woman will have to present proof of pregnancy such as current antenatal card, a signed note from a doctor or midwife, pregnancy test result endorsed by a doctor or midwife or other prescriber or an ultrasound scan report.
    • A SSNIT contributor should be active in the SSNIT database presented to NHIA by SSNIT.
    • A SSNIT pensioner should show his/her SSNIT number. ou will be registered without paying premium.
  4. You will then be registered without paying premium. The following people in the exempt categories do not pay processing fee:
    • Pregnant women
    • Indigents
    • Categories of differently-abled persons determined by the Minister responsible for Social Welfare
    • Persons with mental disorder
    • SSNIT contributors
    • SSNIT pensioners
    • Persons above seventy years of age (the elderly)
    • Other categories prescribed by the Minister
    You will be required to renew your membership every year.
  5. At registration, the registration officer will assist you to fill a registration form. You will need to provide the following personal particulars:
    • Full name
    • Date of birth
    • Age
    • Marital status
    • Mobile phone number(s)
    • Community of residence/residential address.
  6. After taking your personal particulars and payments, the registration officer will take your photograph and biometric information.
    • During the taking of your photograph, you should open your eyes and look straight into the camera. You should also close your mouth.
    • The biometric information required is fingerprints of your ten fingers. The prints will be taken in this order:
      • The four fingers of your right hand
      • The four fingers of your left hand
      • Your two thumbs
  7. During registration, you will be required to select your preferred primary provider (PPP).
    • The PPP should be a primary care provider, which should either be a clinic/health centre, polyclinic or a primary hospital. You should make the choice yourself otherwise you will be assigned to an available primary care provider.
    • When you fall ill, you should first of all visit your PPP for treatment. If your illness cannot be treated at the primary care level, you will be referred to a higher level health care facility.
    • In an emergency, you may access health care at any health care facility.
    • You may change your PPP at determined intervals or when you change your permanent residence.
  8. After registration, the district office will give you a list of health care facilities within your area operating under the NHIS.