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Do I have to register my newborn baby before he/ she can be treated under NHIS?

No, the baby can be treated using the mother’s NHIS membership card until the child is three months old. However, your child should be registered by the time he/she is three months old.

I registered last year but I have not gone to the hospital the whole year. Will I have to pay anything to get my membership renewed?
How long do I have to wait to access health care after renewal?
Is there any member exempted from the one-month waiting period?
Can I renew my membership without going to the district office?
If I must undergo a surgical operation, do I have to pay any fees to the hospital?
If I use the amenity ward (VIP ward), will the NHIS pay?
My cousin has been referred for treatment abroad. Would NHIS cover the cost of treatment?
How long does it take to obtain the NHIS membership card after registration?
How long after enrolment can I access health care under the Scheme?
I have misplaced my NHIS membership card. How do I get another one?
My membership has been linked to my Ghana Card, but I have misplaced my Ghana Card. What should I do?