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National Health Insurance Scheme

Biometric ID Card

The New Biometric Card - Key facts

  • The New card is issued instantly at point of registration for new subscribers and those renewing their membership.
  • The card contains basic biographic information as well as biometric data of the subscriber
  • The new card is valid for 5 years subject to yearly membership renewals
  • The security of the card is more of electronic than physical due to the biometric nature of the data which is embedded in the memory of the card

The New Biometric Card - Functionalities

  • An indicator of NHIS membership
  • As a means of authentication at health facilities
  • To be used by other stakeholders as means of identity check of card holders

The New Biometric Card - Future Usage

  • In future, the new card shall be used to store subscribers’ hospital attendance information and some relevant health information like patient allergies and blood group.
A sample of the new NHIS Biometric Card .


  • New NHIS logo at top left corner
  • Ghana Coat of Arms at top right corner
  • 8 digit member number
  • Date (month/day/year) - Date of issue of the card
  • Card expiry date
  • 8 digit card serial number
  • Membership eligibility start date
  • Membership eligibility end date
  • Address ID: 13 character alphanumeric subscriber community code

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