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National Health Insurance Scheme

Activities of the N.H.I.A


The Authority is divided into three (3) Administrative divisions for purposes of management.

  • 1. Each division is headed by Deputy Chief Executive
  • 2. The Administration & HR division has 5 directorates:
  • 3. The operations division has 7 directorates
  • 4. The Finance & Investment division has 3 directorates


The Directorates are 17 in all.

  • Administration
  • Actuarial
  • Budget & Management Accounting
  • Claims
  • Corporate Affairs
      • Educating all residents of Ghana and Ghanaians abroad on the NHIS to secure their understanding and acceptance.
      • Ensuring the best of relations between the Authority, Schemes and the Media.
      • Ensuring the best of relations between the Authority, Schemes and other institutions such as Service Providers, Members of the Schemes and the general public.
      • Planning and executing effective Marketing and Publicity programmes to build the Corporate image of the NHIS into an acceptable brand.
      • Receiving feedback from the public and responding to suggestions and complaints from members of the public on the operations of the schemes and service providers.
      • Organizing public functions of the Authority and arranging for officials of the Authority and the Schemes to attend such functions.
      • Securing protocol and other needs of Authority staff such as passports, visas and making travel arrangements.
      • Procuring and disseminating information, education and communication materials such as diaries, calendars and magazines.
  • Financial Accounting
  • Fund & Investment
  • Human Resource
  • Internal Audit
      • Periodic audit of National Health Insurance Fund
      • Operational audit of the activities of the NHIA and the Schemes
      • Provision of consulting services to NHIA
      • Liaison with external bodies on audit issues, such as external auditors of Secretariat and Schemes
      • Maintenance of an audit recommendations follow-up system.
      • Special investigations into particular areas, for example fraud.
  • Legal
  • Management Information Systems
      • Providing ICT support to all users
      • Maintenance and update of schemes data
      • Providing ICT training for all officers nation-wide
      • Supply and maintenance of ICT equipment
      • Implementation of ICT related projects
  • Membership & Regional Operations
      • Supervise, co-ordinate and monitor the activities of health insurance schemes.
      • Provide support to service providers to render quality services at all times.
      • Enforce utilization and cost control measures at the scheme level.
      • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to achieve the co-operate objectives of the council.
      • Maintenance of an audit recommendations follow-up system.
      • Facilitate the scaling up of membership registration.
  • Private Health Insurance Schemes
  • Procurement & Projects
  • Provider Payment
  • Quality Assurance
      • To improve the quality of service given to subscribers at provide sites
      • To identify and promote good practice
      • To provide information on cost-effectiveness to management, and
      • To ensure efficient use of resources
  • Research,Policy,Monitoring and Evaluation
      • Lead the review of tariff structure.
      • Lead the review of National Health Insurance drug formulary.
      • Conduct research in areas that enhance the implementation of NHIS policy e.g. defining quality health care, determining socio-economic status accurately, sustainability of Health Insurance cost-containment mechanisms.
      • Coordinate research being done across the country especially in the area of health finance and act as the first port of call for all such research.
      • Collaborate with development partners and coordinate their efforts in accordance with the SWAP approach.
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