NHIA Updates Staff on Provident Fund Contributions | 6/4/2024

The Investments Unit of the Finance Directorate of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), on June 4, 2024, engaged staff on the status of their Provident Fund contributions. 

The NHIA Provident Fund Managers, representatives of the various Directorates at the Head Office in Accra, and a team from the United Pension Trustees Limited met face-to-face, whilst other NHIA staff across the country joined online. 

The NHIA Provident Fund Scheme (NHIAPFS),Chairperson, Eva Okai (Mrs.) walked the participants through the progress made on staff contributions to the Provident Fund.  

 She stressed the importance of allowing for a comprehensive understanding of issues regarding the NHIA Governing Board and Executive Management’s decision to migrate staff Provident Fund contributions to United Pension Trustees (UPT) Limited.  According to her, Secure Pensions Trust's merger with Axis Pension Fund necessitated the decision to align with United Pension Trustees (UPT) Limited. 

Eva Okai (Mrs.) assured staff of a successful transfer of their biodata and Provident Fund contributions onto UPT accounts and database.  

She implored staff to critically examine their migration onto UPT and ensure that there are no challenges associated with their contributions to the Provident Fund.  

United Pension Trustees Limited (UPT)

United Pension Trustees Limited (UPT) is an Independent Indigenous Ghanaian Corporate Trustee Company Licensed by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA). 

United Pension Trustees Limited was established to provide pension trustee services to pension and provident funds operating under the National Pensions Law, 2008 Act 766).

It is United Pension Trustees Limited’s objective to build members’ retirement wealth by providing them with pension services, products, and value-added benefits that prepare them for retirement, delivered in a professional, efficient, and friendly manner.

United Pension Trustees Limited aims to ensure that all members of pension and provident funds, under its trusteeship acquire a home over their working life, as part of their retirement preparation.It will be recalled that the NHIA in partnership with the Pensions Alliance Trust (PAT), in July 2023, activated a series of virtual trainings on enrolment and updating pension trustees biodata onto an online portal.  

The Pensions Alliance Trust is a registered and licensed Trustee company capable of handling all issues regarding (2nd tier) occupational as well as (3rd tier) voluntary contributions of organizations.