In a bid to strengthen healthcare services and foster relations with healthcare providers, the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) visited the La Poly Clinic, one of the government hospitals within the La Dadekotopon catchment area. The visit, which took place on Monday, October 3, aimed to discuss potential partnerships and explore ways to enhance access to quality healthcare for NHIS members after the Polyclinic appealed to the Authority to waive the adjustment of charges that arose from clinical and compliance audit conducted at defunct La General Hospital and inherited by the La Polyclinic. 

The NHIA delegation, led by Mr. Bernard Brown, Director of Operations for the Coastal belt of the NHIA, was received by Madam Joyce Dassah, the Administrator of La Poly Clinic, along with the Ag. Director for Corporate Affairs, Mr. Oswald Essuah-Mensah, and other key officials of the La Poly Clinic. During the discussions, Mr. Bernard Brown stated that the Authority has reimbursed the GHc 288,809.14 deductions made on claims submitted by the La Polyclinic.

The deduction was the consequence of a clinical audit noncompliance on the La General Hospital, for which the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) fined the facility. Mr. Brown encouraged the La Polyclinic administrators to regularize their status with the Scheme to reflect the clinic's status within the NHIS structure and further emphasized the need to submit claims on time to ensure that they are reimbursed within the 90-day payment window as stipulated by law. 

The Ag. Director for Corporate Affairs, Mr. Oswald Essuah-Mensah also emphasized the NHIA's commitment to ensuring that all NHIS members have access to quality healthcare. He highlighted the need for healthcare facilities like La Polyclinic to join hands with the NHIA in achieving this goal. He announced the introduction of the Sunshine Policy by Management of the Authority which has been instituted by the CEO of NHIA, Dr. Okoe Boye to provide transparency in the claims payment system. 

The Administrator of the Polyclinic, Madam Joyce Dassah expressed her gratitude for the visit and acknowledged the NHIA's efforts in improving healthcare delivery in the country. She added that the clinic has expanded its services to cater to residents within La and its environs. She reiterated that the facility now runs 24-hour services to fill the vacuum created as a result of the demolition of the La General Hospital. 

 The NHIA team toured the La Polyclinic Facility and interacted with some of the patients who had visited the facility for access to healthcare using the NHIS cards. They praised the clinic for its dedication to providing healthcare to the community for NHIS members. 

By. Angela Asiedu