NHIA supports 18 year old Jennifer Ohemaa Koranteng and her mother | 12/6/2021

The National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) continues to lend support to those who are most in need in society. 


The latest beneficiaries of the Authority’s benevolence are an 18-year-old Jennifer Ohemaa Koranteng, suffering from bizarre leg pain and her mother, Madam Georgina Serwaa.


In a Joy News report, Jennifer’s predicament caught the attention of the NHIA Executive Management, who moved in to assist. 


The family were registered onto the NHIS Scheme and received an undisclosed amount and other items including packets of bottled water, NHIS branded T-shirts and caps.


The NHIA’s Deputy Director, Marketing, Oswald Essuah-Mensah presented the membership cards and items to Jennifer’s family at a short ceremony on 2nd December, 2021. 


He narrated, “Not so long ago, we heard of a story on Joy News having to do with Madam Georgina and her daughter Jennifer Koranteng.


The story did indicate that her daughter Jennifer has been bedridden for quite a while and unable to access healthcare.”


“This story actually struck the heart of our Chief Executive, Dr. Lydia Dsane-Selby and the whole management team and she therefore instructed us to visit the family and to find out her health status and of course offer support.” Mr. Essuah - Mensah added,


“The plight of Jennifer for us is something that we really felt that we had to show compassion to the family.


So further investigations pursued after we heard the story and it was quite evident that the family could not access healthcare so the least that management thought we could do was to make it possible for Jennifer and her mother to acquire NHIS cards so that at least their health bills could be taken care of by the National Health Insurance Scheme.” 


“So today we are fortunate to present these items to both Madam Georgina and her daughter Jennifer who unfortunately is still on the bed.


We are making this presentation to them so that hopefully from this point onwards their issue of healthcare access and the finances will be taken care of by the Scheme.”