NHIA scraps processing fees for SSNIT contributors | 5/7/2024

In its quest to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC), the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) has scrapped processing fees paid by SSNIT contributors. In a speech to staff from the Eastern, Oti and Volta Regions, the Chief Executive, Dr. Da-Costa Aboagye made this known that the Board had approved the scrapping of fees for SSNIT contributors as a way to cause easier integration of that category to expand the Scheme.

Dr. Aboagye went further to explain the rationale of his four-point vision aimed at making the Scheme attractive to all tax payers, increasing active membership, inculcating a healthier lifestyle for the population, while reducing the overall cost burden of the Scheme over time. He explained that the current focus of paying for curative services predominantly was not a sustainable approach to managing Ghana's biggest social intervention Scheme.

 He encouraged staff to be ambassadors by adopting healthy behaviours during work hours to prolong life and enhance wellness. The CEO hinted of plans to provide staff with life insurance policies and top ups for medical insurance as a motivation for staff to continue giving off their best to progress the Scheme. Staff had the opportunity to list challenges that still persisted and pleaded for his support to address them. In his response, Dr. Aboagye assured the gathering that some Fifty vehicles will be procured this year to augment the Scheme's fleet to facilitate easier registration of new members in hard to reach areas and promised to fill vacant positions that were hindering operations at the district offices. Staff promotions and rationalization were also a top priority for his administration.

This was the first time he was interacting with staff from the Eastern, Oti, and Volta Regions since assuming office a couple of months ago. The Chief Executive was flanked by directors, deputy directors, managers, and other staff, while the audience was made up of the Regional office staff, managers of district offices and their operational staff including drivers drawn from all districts in these three regions.