NHIA Head Office Staff Relieved As Car Parking Lot is Expanded | 2/15/2023

The newest addition to the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) head office infrastructure is the expansion of the car parking lot nicknamed by staff as the 'Okoe Boye Drive-Through.’ 

With the increased demand for more parking spaces, the NHIA executive management in alliance with Cal Bank management created the opportunity for NHIA staff to park their cars safely on the premises of Cal Bank.

This collaborative intervention has alleviated the plight of the majority of NHIA staff who were compelled to park on the shoulders of the main road in front of the Ministry of Health building and adjacent to the former Bank of Ghana Clinic. 

At a brief inaugural ceremony on January 31, 2023, the NHIA Chief Executive, Dr. Bernard Okoe-Boye urged the beneficiaries to strictly adhere to the protocols spelled out. 

He emphasized, “Our staff who will be using the spaces made available should act properly to ensure that there is value for money.” 

He commended Cal Bank management for the breakthrough and called for more collaborations between the two organizations. 


In the immediate past, inadequate car parking spaces inside the NHIA head office premises caused over-parking, blocking of walkways, and sometimes created unnecessary tension between staff and the internal security personnel. 

The situation got worsened when NHIA staff were banned from parking their cars at the temporary parking space near the late former President Jerry Rawling’s residence for security reasons.

 Thievery was widespread and regularly staff parking their cars on the street had their car batteries, side mirrors, and number plates stolen. 

During the rainy season, it was difficult for staff to park outside the head office premises walking in the rain to the office, therefore causing lateness. 

General Applause

 Some staff have expressed their delight over the arrangement and commended the NHIA executive management for alleviating their plight.