NHIA Deputy CEO for Operations Commends Greater Accra Regional Staff | 5/30/2024

The Deputy Chief Executive in charge of Operations at the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), Mrs. Louisa Atta-Agyemang visited the Greater Accra Regional Office to commend staff for their loyal and dedicated service.

During her visit, she acknowledged the staff's hard work and highlighted the significance of the NHIA/NIA collaboration project to register children under 15.

She urged staff to give their best to ensure the project's success.Mrs. Atta-Agyemang also mentioned management's efforts to introduce a wellness program for all Ghanaians, focusing on staff well-being.

The Coastal Belt Director, Mr. Bernard Brown, emphasized that leadership's engagement with the workforce demonstrates a commitment to transparency and inclusivity in decision-making, fostering a culture of open communication and mutual understanding within the NHIA.

To improve operational efficiency, the Regional Human Resources Manager, Osei Acheampong, stressed the need for internet connectivity to aid the Region's operations, particularly for the Monitoring and Evaluation unit.

This aims to streamline processes and enhance communication within the organization and with external stakeholders.Staff expressed concerns about various challenges, including prompt action on the 2024 wage opener and 2024 year notch adjustments. T

hese issues were brought to the forefront as staff seek resolutions and improvements in their working conditions and remuneration.Accompanying the Deputy CEO were the Acting Director of the MIS Directorate, Daniel Blankson, and the Director of Membership and Regional Operations, Oti Frimpong, demonstrating the significance of the discussions and decisions made during the session.

This signifies the collective effort and collaboration necessary to address the organization's key operational initiatives and challenges effectively.

Source: Lydia Adjei-Tutu, Greater Accra Regional PRO