NHIA Chief Executive advocates sustainable healthcare financing Post COVID | 9/7/2023

The National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), Dr. Bernard Okoe Boye has called for an ambitious commitment to make preventive healthcare financing real for all, "Leaving no one behind."

According to him, the immense challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic required sustainable primary healthcare financing.

In a speech read on his behalf, Dr. Okoe Boye was addressing the second edition of the International Health Students Summit under the theme, "The post COVID future of Ghana's health system: lessons learned ."

"The post COVID future of Ghana's health system demands a paradigm shift with a focus on innovation, collaboration, inclusiveness and a comprehensive approach."

"The resilience or otherwise of our healthcare system has been tested by the pandemic and we know where we stand as a nation.We must address the inequalities that have been further exacerbated by the pandemic by ensuring that healthcare services reach every corner of our nation."

The NHIA Boss talked about the significance of using technology in healthcare delivery saying, "The digital revolution has the potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery, improving access, efficiency and patient outcomes."

"We must embrace technology and leverage it's power to bridge the gaps in healthcare delivery, particularly in underserved areas.

Telemedicine, electronic health records and data-driven approaches can transform the landscape of healthcare, empowering both healthcare providers and patients alike."

"We must begin to take interest in artificial intelligence and avail ourselves to the opportunities that it offers. AI seeks to revolutionize the healthcare industry and as upcoming professionals, it is incumbent upon you to keep pace with the changing dynamics in the industry if you want to remain relevant."

Dr. Okoe Boye advised the participants to apply the lessons learned and chart a new path towards a stronger, more inclusive and sustainable future.

"Our success or otherwise in shaping the post COVID future of Ghana's health system will depend not only on policies and technological advancements but also on the power of education."

"As students we have a unique opportunity to drive change, challenge the status quo and champion innovative ideas. Let us embrace lifelong learning, engage in research and nurture a spirit of curiosity and empathy.

By collaborating across disciplines and sharing our knowledge and experiences, we can push the frontiers of what is possible.

"The summit which was  held at the University of Ghana Business School, Legon main campus brought together participants from Africa and beyond.

The event provided a platform for students to engage with leaders in the health sector, learn about the latest developments and innovations and to share experiences and ideas.