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National Health Insurance Scheme


The National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) wishes to bring to the attention of the general public and healthcare providers that application forms will be available for all healthcare providers who wish to renew their credentialing certification as service providers of the NHIS. Details below;
Opening date; from 23rd November , 2016 to 31st of March , 2017 for the submission of completed applications for renewals for the following health care providers:

  • I. Healthcare providers whose credentials will expire on the 31st April, 2017
  • II. Healthcare providers whose credentials will expire on 31st May, 2017

Documents required must have the following;
  • Current primary regulators certificate and copy of retention indicating healthcare provider is in good standing. Example; HFRA, CHAG, Pharmacy Council certificate etc. for all Private, Mission health care providers
  • Current certificate from Register- General and proof of renewal for Private Providers
  • Must pay required fees for requested level of credentialing evidenced with a bank draft addressed to The National Health Insurance Authority (Fees for various levels of health services for credentialing are available on our website www.nhis.gov.gh). The bank draft should bear the name of the facility, not the payee officer.
  • Photo copies of certificates of professionals practicing at the facility and proof of retention with their appropriate regulatory bodies

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Why is credentialing process of health care facility important?

Credentialing process is to ensure that healthcare providers are in a position to provide basic quality health services to people living in Ghana in accordance with the Benefit Packages within the National Health Insurance Program. It promotes quality improvement in health care delivery, nurtures a healthy competition among service providers as well as grows public confidence in the health system.

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