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Non Biometric Authentication to support NHIA Mobile Renewal |8/27/2018


NHIA is rolling out mobile renewal service amongst all NHIS members. Under this service, members can renew their NHIS membership by paying their premium and fee via mobile money. Membership cards of those who choose to renew via mobile will not be embossed with the expiry dates.


In order to enable a check on membership at the point of access of healthcare, the National Health Insurance Authority developed a non-biometric authentication method which enables a check on NHIS eligibility via a USSD service that can be accessed using minimal infrastructure viz. basic feature phones. Under this method, each time an authentication request is received, an SMS is sent to the provider confirming NHIS eligibility and a Claims Check Code if member is active. An SMS is also sent to the member notifying them of the authentication and requesting feedback in case they are not present at the facility. The non-biometric authentication solution is inexpensive for providers because it works on basic ‘yam’ phones that may cost as low as 50 GHS each.


Key Considerations 

A few key points to note about non-biometric authentication:

1. The service can be used only on phone numbers that have been registered with NHIA. Every phone number is allocated to one provider only.
2. The authentication request can be accessed by dialling *842# on any MTN, Vodafone, Airtel or Tigo network SIM. Providers should select depending on the best network in their area
3. Once the request is generated, an SMS is sent to the phone with the eligibility status and a Claims Check Code (for eligible members only). At the same time, another SMS is sent to the member’s phone number notifying them about the authentication and requesting feedback if they are not present at the provider site.
4. The claims check code (CCC) is a compulsory part of the claims process. The code would be used by NHIA during the vetting process to validate the member number, provider details and date of claim
5. Referral facilities are required to generate a new CCC for members that are referred to them


Authentication Options

The authentication options available currently are as follows:

Non-Biometric Authentication
Type Features NHIA Policy Remarks
Feature Phone (Yam Phone) 1. Requires presence of Telco (Voice) signals (MTN or Airtel or Tigo or Vodafone)
2. Phone no. will be pre-registered with NHIA
1. Phones will be sourced by Healthcare Provider (HPs) Suitable for all facilities viz. CHPS, Clinics, Hospitals
Please note that NHIA will be expanding these options within the next 4 - 8 weeks to include solutions that are compatible with PCs and HMIS



Providers are requested to download a copy of the non-biometric authentication form, fill it and email a copy to registerno@nhia.gov.gh. In case you face any challenges, please contact us on registerno@nhia.gov.gh. Alternately, please contact the NHIS call centre on 054-4446-447/030-2746-447 or short code 6447 on the MTN and Vodafone networks.

Non-biometric authentication form

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