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NHIS To Participate In Green Ghana Day Campaign |6/8/2021


The National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) will participate in the Green Ghana Day campaign slated for June 11, 2021.


The campaign launched by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources seeks to plant and nurture to maturity five million trees to restore Ghana’s forest cover in the short to medium term.


More than 85% of Ghana’s population depend on forest resources for subsistence and to satisfy their socio-cultural needs.


The timber trade and industry, for example, is Ghana’s fourth biggest foreign exchange earner, which contributes 6% of our gross domestic product and 11% of our total export earnings.


The NHIA will participate in this laudable project with the main aim of planting trees across the country.


The public is hereby invited to participate actively in the Green Ghana Project on 11 June 2021 to make a significant impact on Ghana’s forest cover.


Together, we have a collective responsibility to leave future generations and their communities with richer, better, more valuable forest and wildlife endowments than what we inherited.

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