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National Health Insurance Scheme


NHIS registers cadet officers at Ghana Military Academy|5/26/2020

 The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) on Tuesday May, 26 embarked on a Special Registration exercise at the Ghana Military Academy, Whistler Barracks, Teshie-Accra.


It is mandatory that cadets have valid NHIS cards at all Military Reception stations and other Military Health Posts. Officers from the Kpeshie NHIS district office set up there to register fresh cadets scheduled for graduation in August, 2020.Instructors and other officers and their family relations took advantage of the Special Registration and joined the NHIS active membership.


In compliance with the COVID-19 protocols, social distancing was strictly adhered to at the registration centre, where NHIS officers and the participants wore face masks.

NHIS officers on site distributed the Scheme's handbooks and encouraged the participants to renew their membership using the Mobile Renewal Service dedicated short code *929#.According to the NHIS Kpeshie, district Manager, Wisdom Donkor, the Special Registration was upon request from the military command, He described the event as productive and promised that there would be a mop up after the exercise.Officers from the Corporate Affairs Directorate,

Head Office and the Greater Accra Regional Office were there  to support the team.

Source: Hamdiya Yakubu Amadu/ Naatogmah

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