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NHIA probes 37 Military Hospital|3/16/2018

The National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) has invited management of the 37 Military Hospital to a meeting to explain their reason for imposing new fees on pregnant women who go to the facility for delivery.


The hospital has a contract with the NHIA to provide free care and delivery services to pregnant women registered under the NHIA but they have begun charging between GHS1000 and GHS3000 for the services.


The development has led to several complains of extortion against the hospital.
A victim by name Emmanuel told Class News the hospital authorities have asked him to pay GHS1000 before his wife, who is an NHIS card holder, is discharged after she successfully delivered at the hospital on Tuesday, 13 March 2018.


He said: “My wife didn’t pay anything when she delivered there years ago but in June last year she was told she will pay GHS300 or GHS400 when she went for a review. But I was surprised she told me yesterday that the hospital said those with NHIS cards will be charged GHS1000 for normal delivery. I spoke to the doctors and they confirmed the amount is true…”
Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of NHIA, Dr Samuel Annor told Class News that they have invited the authorities of the hospital to explain why they are charging pregnant women.

He said: “Well we have signed a contract with them with credential as one of the service providers. We are not aware of their position and we are writing to them for explanation and if the explanations are not suitable, we’ll decide what to do next.”


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