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National Health Insurance Scheme



The CEO of NHIA, Dr. Samuel Annor  has called for a stronger legal framework that will enable the scheme prosecute persons who defraud the system. He said the scheme’s present legal framework limits the Authority from taking punitive measures against persons who defraud the system and is not deterrent enough to prevent fraud.

Speaking at a stakeholders meeting with organized labour, the CEO said the Scheme expends most of its finances to pay huge claims, a significant amount of which contain errors and fraudulent claims thus weakening the financial standing of the scheme. He added that should the existing law be amended to ensure stiffer punishments for those who defraud the scheme, it will be a useful deterrent and will minimize the wastage. 

Essentially he observes that “Health is important and it’s prudent for the nation to arm the NHIS with the appropriate legal authority to exert strong punitive measures”. 

The call to strengthen the legal framework of the scheme is one of the four pillars of the CEO’s vision to sustain the scheme from collapse. The rest are to re-design the financial model of the scheme to include additional funding, by increasing the NHI levy on VAT from 2.5% to 3.5%, introduction of health tax on tobacco, sugar, alcoholic beverages, 1% of employee salary to be matched by 2% from employers, as monthly contribution and allocation of funds from oil revenue. Fully implement electronic claims management to improve efficiency and minimize fraud. Improve internal police force by enhancing Quality Assurance and Clinical Audit functions as a mechanism to mitigate fraud.


The Secretary-General of the Trades Union Congress Dr. Yaw Baah, urged all labour unionists to contribute to the sustainability of the scheme. He concluded by saying that the health insurance scheme is so important and must be supported at all cost. 

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