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NHIA clamps down unauthorized Private Scheme Operators|11/14/2019

The National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) is on a regional tour to clamp down unauthorized Private Health Insurance Schemes’ Operators. Director of the Private Health Insurance Schemes’ Directorate at the NHIS Head Office, Mr. Hudu Issah’s team activated the operation in the Ashanti Regional capital, Kumasi.

Ahead of the operation, there was a meeting with all licensed 14 Private Scheme Operators comprising 13 Private Commercial Health Insurance and one Mutual Health Insurance Schemes. In an interview, Mr. Hudu Issah disclosed that the first phase of the operation would last for two weeks.


According to him, health care is a human right, hence the operation to ensure that all Private Health Insurance Scheme Operators register with the NHIA. He observed that many people have been victims of the Unauthorized Private Scheme Operators transactions and advised the general public to be warry of such impostors.

He beseeched health service providers and the general public to always crosscheck with the NHIA to avoid illegal transactions with Private Health Insurance Schemes.


Mr. Hudu Issah further counseled all licensed Private Health Insurance Scheme Operators, NHIA credentialed Service Providers and the general public to serve as whistle blowers in drawing the attention of the NHIA to the existence of Unauthorized Private Health Insurance Schemes. “There is a window of opportunity for Unauthorized Private Health Insurance Scheme Operators to legalize their operations with the NHIA as a condition for participation in the private health insurance space.”


Mr. Hudu Issah reaffirmed the NHIA’s readiness to enforce the laws guiding Private Health Insurance Schemes operation in the country in line with Section 63 of the NHIS Act 852, 2012. He intimated that the mandate of the NHIA is to protect the interest of Private health insurance clients as well as shepherd schemes to remain solvent at all times.

He also advised the licensed Private Scheme Operators to desist from engaging uncredentialed service providers in conformity with Section 10 of Act 852, 2012.” He stated that the NHIA has set a minimum capital requirement for all licensed Private Health Schemes and promulgated solvency guidelines for the industry.


Source: Abdul Karim Naatogmah

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