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NHIA caters for SHS students’ needs |3/15/2021

At the beginning of March (2021), District management teams of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) extended their working hours to cater for the needs of Senior High School students.


The District Offices were inundated by some students and their parents who massed up for registration and renewal of old membership cards. 


Congestion at the District Offices was necessitated by the reopening of Senior High Schools, hence NHIS staff worked from 7am to 7pm to free up space.


The NHIA’s Chief Executive, Dr. Lydia Dsane-Selby who visited some District offices in the Greater Accra Region explained that the extended working hours sought to ease congestion and discomfort.Interacting with a cross section of the media, she stated, “There is increased traffic at our district offices because schools are reopening on March 10 and it is now compulsory for students to have an active NHIS card.


This is causing some congestion and discomfort. We always have plans for this but it seems people have left it a bit late, so we are ensuring that we have full staff at our district offices to cater for parents and students who are coming in.” She reiterated the need to use the short code *929# for renewal of expired membership cards and to check validity of their membership.

“We will plead with those that did it last year to please use the mobile renewal service *929# for renewal and verification.

You don’t have to come to our offices. Only those that need a new card should come to our offices.”

“We are also pleading with the schools, due to the mobile technology, there are no dates printed at the back so they need to use the *929# to validate the cards.


The NHIA Chief Executive reminded the public to strictly comply with the COVID 19 safety protocols. 



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