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NHIA’s Electronic Receipts II platform on track|3/20/2020

A Technical Working Group (TWG) established to improve the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) existing Electronic-Receipts platform is on course with the technical designing and developing of the project, which would be implemented in all the District Offices and other registration outlets.


This platform is envisaged to provide technological solutions to enhance the NHIS membership registration, registration related cash collections and also help in addressing some key constraints discovered in the existing E-Receipt project.Also, it is to provide an avenue for payments to be made by members who are either renewing their membership, replacing cards or joining the NHIS fraternity at the district office.In any of the aforementioned, each member’s identity shall be validated by either the NHIA’s BMS or National Identification Authority (NHIA) Ghana Card identity records before appropriate premium or processing charges are applied.One of the key reasons to this project is to encourage the use of the Ghana Card for the NHIS registration and also the enforcement of payment security controls and better user experience with the NHIS membership registrations for corporates or organized groups and individualsGenesis The E-Receipts and on-site banking was introduced to enhance accountability and transparency into the NHIS financial management.Its prime objective is to ensure proper accountability of NHIS funds and strict compliance with the legal framework governing the NHIS.   


A Technical Working Group (TWG) was formed by the MIS Directorate following the NHIA Executive Management’s approval for the project to commence. For extensive consultation and requirement gathering, the TWG was constituted with other user-Directorates to scale-up the preparedness and other interests.The Group comprises selected NHIS District Managers, MIS Officers, representatives from the Membership and Regional Operations (MRO), Management Information Systems (MIS), Research, Policy, Monitoring and Evaluation (RPME), Audit and Finance Directorates.The representatives play crucial roles as per their specialties which invariably will influence the operationalization of the Enhanced E-Receipt II.



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