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Keta hospital refunds extorted monies to NHIS subscribers|6/4/2019

Some patients who were forced to pay monies before receiving treatment at the Ketu South Municipal Hospital in Aflao of the Volta Region have been given back their monies.

They were given amounts ranging from GHC200 and GHC400 following Citi News’ report over their extortion. Some doctors were demanding GHC 200 ahead of the cesarean surgery while the anaesthetists demanded between GHC120 and GHC150 cedis before they provided patients with essential health services.

Ketu South Hospital officials accused of extorting money from patients under NHIS Medicines which were covered by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) were sold to them even though they were NHIS subscribers.

But, the hospital’s administrator, Charles Torkornoo confirmed the reimbursement of the funds saying that although the monies were collected for genuine reasons, they were not sanctioned by the hospital.

He explained that some of those monies were collected to procure items the hospital should have procured with monies locked with the health insurance scheme in unpaid claims. Charles Tokornoo added that the management of the hospital would take appropriate measures. One patient, Philomena Adiwokor told Citi News she had received an amount of GHC425 and an apology.

“The administrator called me and asked what happened and said I brought some journalists to investigate my claim that some monies were collected from me during my sisters delivery in this hospital. After the delivery at the hospital, I went to the health insurance office to inquire and I was told the insurance scheme covers the services I was charged for so they refunded me an amount of GHC425 and they apologized to me.

I understand the culprits were queried”, she said. The Public Relation Officer (PRO) of the Health Insurance Scheme in the Keta South Municipality refused to comment when the report first emerged. Last year the National Health Insurance Authority received information that a pregnant woman had been ripped off of GHC750 at the Tema General Hospital before her baby was delivered.

Some doctors and nurses at the Tamale Teaching Hospital in the Northern region were also caught extorting monies from patients despite free healthcare services under the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).


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