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Ghana’s Health Insurance Scheme Receives Praises From Visiting Sierra Leone Delegation |8/31/2017

A 22-member delegation from Sierra Leone has completed a two-day eventful visit to the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to understudy its operations. The study tour which took place on the 17th and 18th of August 2017, was part of a World Bank sponsored project, and brought together experts from Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Finance, Health Economists, Nurses and District medical doctors.


Welcoming the delegation, the Deputy Chief Executive in charge of Operations at the NHIA, Dr. Lydia Dsane Selby, took them through the general operations of the NHIA. Briefing the visitors she stated that the scheme has a current database of 4,000 providers and it covers 41% of the country’s general population and is funded from VAT and Social Security contributions.


The Deputy Chief Executive Officer in Charge of Administration Mrs. Yaa Pokuaa Baiden also touched on systems that the Authority has put in place to curb fraud in the claims submission process. She said ‘One area we are looking at to make the scheme sustainable is to make fraudulent claims culprits punishable by law.’


The Deputy Coordinator of the Sierra Leone Social Health Insurance Scheme Mr. Jalloh said his country was challenged with issues of funding their scheme and processing claims. This he added also necessitated their visit to Ghana.  


Mr. Cyril Jalloh was impressed with the running of Ghana’s Health Insurance Scheme. ‘There was no doubt Ghana comes first in (Health) Insurance since countries such Nigeria, Liberia Cameroun and Ethiopia have all once visited the NHIA to seek for guidance and knowledge for developing theirs’


The head of the delegation Dr. Samuel A. Sheku Kargo said the visit to the NHIA was necessary because Ghana’s NHIS was the most successful in Africa.  
The delegates were taken through presentations by the various NHIA directorates to give them insight into the operations of the Scheme.
The delegation later visited the Claims Processing Center (CPC) at Dzorwulu and the 37 Military Hospital, one of the main healthcare facilities in the capital where NHIS members visit to seek medical care.

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