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DCE Operations participates in Newborn Jaundice Stakeholder Meeting|5/31/2021

The National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) Deputy Chief Executive, Operations, Mrs. Vivian Addo-Cobbiah has participated in a stakeholder meeting and reaffirmed the Authority’s commitment to ensure that all children in Ghana have access to quality healthcare.


She said the Authority wholeheartedly believed in the maxim that, “Children are the world’s most valuable asset, and its best hope for the future.”


“The exemption of children under 18 from payment of NHIS premiums and attention to newborn and child healthcare issues in our credentialing processes are few of the ways by which the NHIA strives to ensure quality healthcare to children in Ghana.”


“We are emboldened in our efforts, by activities of associations such as the Paediatric Society of Ghana, where stakeholders of diverse backgrounds unite to promote the wellbeing and interests of children.


We wish you the very best in your tireless efforts to champion the cause of initiating breastfeeding early to keep away neonatal jaundice and its myriad of adverse effects. We applaud your efforts and say ‘Ayekoo’ to all the health professionals, specialists and members of the public who have taken up the mantle of such an honorable fight.”


“We stand ever ready as an Authority to provide any assistance to your cause, where it falls within our mandate.”



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