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Clarification on NHIA’s donation to Covid 19 Fund PRESS RELEASE|4/24/2020

The National Health Insurance ACT, 2012 (ACT 852) Section 40 details the object of the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF).

Section 40 (2 c & d) states, amongst others, that the NHIF is to facilitate the provision of or access to health care services and to invest in any other facilitating programme to promote access to health service. Furthermore, the NHIS was set up as a solidarity system to make public healthcare affordable.

Public healthcare support includes payments for vaccines, immunisation, and malaria prevention amongst others. In light of this, it was deemed appropriate to support Covid-19 efforts by the government. This does not, in any way, relegate the payment of claims to the background.


The NHIA’s donation of GHC 250,000 to the Covid-19 Relief Fund, though significant, represents less than 5% of the entire Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Budget for 2020. Indeed, it is equivalent to 0.06% of funds paid in claims this year, which amounts to approximately GHC400 Million to healthcare providers as claims re-imbursement.


The ability to control the Covid-19 pandemic within the country would eventually protect the NHIF in terms of reduced claims from service providers. In advanced countries where Universal Health Coverage is achieved, the equivalent of the National Health Service (NHS) as pertains for the UK or PhilHealth for the Philippines will cover all expenses for Covid-19 related treatments albeit with additional emergency funding from government.


Therefore the donation is the NHIS way of demonstrating good corporate citizenship by supporting government initiatives that will provide health education, prevention and enhancement of health infrastructure to fight this unseen enemy. Management of the Authority wishes to re-assure the general public & service providers that membership & claims payment remain the core function of the NHIA.    

 Issued by the Corporate Affairs Directorate

Date: 23rd April 2020.

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