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PUBLIC NOTICE |3/18/2020

  Transmission of COVID -19 is through coming into contact with droplets from infected persons which are created when they sneeze, cough or touch contaminated objects. As a result of this, the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) is strictly implementing Government’s directives aimed at curtailing the Coronavirus pandemic in the country by putting in place arrangements at the Head Office, Claims Processing Centers, Regional and District Offices to ensure the safety of all Staff, NHIS members and the general public. Below are measures that the general public are to adhere to when they visit any NHIS premises:

1.     Wash hands thoroughly with soap as hand-washing buckets have been provided at the entrance of all NHIS offices.

 2.    Use the alcohol based-hand sanitizers provided at vantage points within all NHIS offices. 3.    NHIS Staff will maintain a distance of two (2) meters from all persons.

4.    Hand-held thermometer guns will be used to take the temperature of visitors.

5.    Persons with temperatures above 38 Degrees Celsius will not be allowed to enter the premises but will be asked a few questions and referred to the appropriate Authorities for further care.

We strongly encourage all NHIS members to take advantage of the Mobile Renewal Service to renew membership by dialing *929# on all networks.

For any enquiries, please contact the NHIS Call Center on 054-444-6447.The general public are advised to remain calm and strictly abide by these protocols. 

   The NHIS remains Ghana’s lead vehicle to attain Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

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